Mango Puree Mix
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Madam Sun Fruit Puree Mix
Madam Sun Fruit Puree Mix uses real fruits with natural color and cane sugar. Since real fruits are used in Madam Sun Fruit Puree Mix, it offers the wonderful aroma, flavor and taste of real fruits. Madam Sun Fruit Puree Mix has only real cane sugar; “NO” high fructose corn syrup and sweeteners are used. Many refreshing and unique beverages and premium gourmet food products can be created by the baristas, bartenders and chefs using Madam Sun Fruit Puree Mix. At home, for amateur cooks, simple cooking process can be empowering using Madam Sun Fruit Puree Mix to prepare and serve tasty and refreshing beverages and restaurant quality foods at home.

Mango Puree Mix
Volume: 1 L
Characteristic: Sweet, floral and fruity with mango aromas
Usage: Juices, Tea Drinks, Smoothies, Cocktails, Desserts, Baking
Madam Sun Mango Puree Mix is a common fruit product of Tropical countries and here you will find the puree mix product so you can enjoy them right in your own backyard paradise. This product can make delicious drinks, it conjures up images of lying on a tropical beach taking in the sunshine and surf.
Madam Sun Mango Puree Mix is made with real fruit, contains no artificial colorings or sweeteners. The natural color from this puree mix provides attractive color to your beverages and desserts. The cane sugar from Madam Sun Mango Puree Mix offers clean and naturally sweet taste.
You can prepare your own favorite drinks, beverages and desserts easily using Madam Sun Mango Puree Mix. If you haven’t yet tried the fantastic taste and aroma of Madam Sun Mango Puree Mix, here’s your chance to try one!

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