Strawberry Puree Mix
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Strawberry Puree Mix
Volume: 1 L
Characteristic: Sweet and tart with strawberry aromas
Usage: Juices, Tea Drinks, Smoothies, Cocktails, Desserts
Madam Sun Strawberry Puree Mix can offer the solutions to your refreshing, luscious and great strawberry drinks, beverages and desserts. When you add Madam Sun Strawberry Puree Mix to your drinks and desserts, you take your drinks and desserts to the next levels.
 Madam Sun Strawberry Puree Mix is made with real fruit, contains no artificial colorings or sweeteners. The natural color from this puree mix provides attractive color to your beverages and desserts. The cane sugar from Madam Sun Strawberry Puree Mix offers clean and naturally sweet taste.
Many lovely and surprisingly simple recipes can be made by using Madam Sun Strawberry Puree Mix. It is fun and easy. You really can’t get much easier than using Madam Sun Strawberry Puree Mix in your drinks, beverages and desserts.

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